What is the IK in lighting?

The IK value indicates the degree of resistance of light sources against mechanical or accidental impacts. It is normally used in outdoor lighting, profiles for LED strips or industrial lighting, since they are installed in areas that are constantly exposed to shocks.

IK values are expressed as two digits and on a scale from 0 to 10. A product with IK00 means that it has not been shock tested or it has no protection at all. From IK01 to IK10 the tests are done starting with impacts of 0.15 Joules (equivalent to dropping a 200 g object from a height of 75 mm) up to impacts of 20 Joules (5 kg dropped from a height of 400 mm).

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For outdoor lighting an IK08 would be recommended. Beneito Faure has Clos, Cam, Neo, Comet and other outdoor models with IP65 and the recommended IK value.

In profiles for LED strips, the Box 29 model stands out with an IK10, the maximum possible resistance, since it is designed to support 1000 kg, which would be equivalent to supporting the weight of a car.

In industrial lighting we also have the IK10 Ufo Lens and Ufo models, the maximum possible resistance to shocks, usual in industrial environments.

Let’s see the digit ratio in the following table:

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