Discover Clos, the new Beneito Faure outdoor collection

Beneito Faure takes a great leap in outdoor lighting and presents a multifunctional and versatile collection, the new Clos family.

This piece was born from the idea of ​​creating a minimalist item that could be placed in multiple positions. Clos thus adapts to the design of any outdoor space.


Depending on the space you want to illuminate and the lighting effect you are looking for, you can choose between Clos 8W and Clos 16W power. With a round design of 200mm diameter, the 8W power Clos offers one light point, while the 16W power Clos has two light points.

This piece, in its two powers, is designed to be installed both on the wall and on the floor, placed on its bases with a height of 300 mm or 600 mm.

All Clos variants offer Switch technology, which allows you to change the color temperature between 3,000K, 4,000K and 5,000K. This will help you create different environments with the same product. Together with its 120º light beam, Clos provides a warm light, which enhances the brown and green colors of the foliage of outdoor plants.

Extruded in aluminum and polycarbonate, Clos has a round design that adapts to any outdoor.

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