Wall lights for clear bedside tables

Traditional table lamps can cause space problems depending on the main bedrooms and their bedside tables. Bedroom wall lights can solve this type of space problem, apart from providing a touch of design and elegance next to the bed headboard.


Here there are three fixtures that include integrated mobile phone charging, as the Pure model. With 4W of power, a light beam of 30º and a warm color temperature of 2,700K, Pure is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. It has a USB port and a button that allows you to select between its three light intensities. The regulation of the intensity will allow you to enjoy the necessary amount of light depending on the moment.

If what interests us is having more charging points, we can opt for the Sweet model with the same power and color temperature, and a light beam of 20º. Sweet stands out for its induction mobile charger. This helps prevent cable clutter and provides added organization and visual relaxation of the nightstand. Besides, it also offers two USB ports and a button to choose the desired light intensity.

The Beam model, with 5W of power and a light beam of 40º, stands out for having a support where you can leave the mobile while charging. This model, ideal for spaces even without a bedside table, offers two USB ports and a high CRI (CRI >90) that guarantees faithful color reproduction. The warmth of the 2,700K that Beam offers will allow you to transmit a calm and serene atmosphere so necessary in a bedroom.

All these decorative LED wall lights by Beneito Faure are rotating and tiltable, so they can be oriented to read, and their location can be either next to the headboard, on the headboard itself or on the wall.

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