Wall sconces: illuminate interior spaces with style

Wall sconces are the perfect basic lighting for a home. They provide extra illumination by producing an indirect light that is reflected on the walls.

In this new C33 catalog, the new One wall and Zio wall sconces stand out. The One and Zio families of rings have evolved, so that they have more than a recessed and surface design for the ceiling. Now we present wall sconces that are conceived to be a design element in the space.

One wall is perfect for indoors. Its tubular and minimalist shape brings a touch of elegance and discretion, thanks to its white, black and corten finishes. It can emit one beam of light or two through its One dual wall version, depending on the lighting effect the user want to give to the space.

Zio wall offers the same concept, but with a rectangular design. It is a wall light that provides comfort and is aesthetically pleasing. This wall light, like the One wall, can be chosen with a single or double beam of light.

Both versions are compatible with the 50 mm GU10 bulb, the most common bulb in homes and offices today.

Now, as a novelty, apart from the white, black and corten finishes, our production department can customize the colors, so that the customer can have a unique and ideal wall lamp for the space where it is located.

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