Meet the Beneito Faure Production Department

With the knowledge of a company with three generations of antiquity, Beneito Faure has its own production department. This new department is focused on offering solutions of special and personalized execution, adapted to the demands of lighting projects and the most complex challenges.

Design, trend, sustainability, efficiency, and quality are just a few concepts that today make up our way of working. Thanks to a team of specialized technicians, this department is a consultancy for the creation and implementation of energy optimization projects. We guarantee a coordinated service throughout the entire process, with a personalized approach to take care of projects down to the smallest detail. We offer unlimited possibilities in terms of new designs adapted to each project, implementing LED products that generate great energy savings (between 40% to 85%).

Through this innovative production department, we design our own profiles and led strips, betting on high technology and eco-rationality applied to the sensory world of lighting. Beneito Faure has up to 19 models of customizable led strips compatible with the range of extruded aluminum profiles for technical and decorative applications. Box profiles cover a wide range of light source needs: recessed, surface-mounted, pendant, adjustable, dual-source, modular, customizable… We work with a versatility of LEDs (white and RGB) to obtain results spectacular, and suitable drivers for each installation.

Smart lighting is increasingly relevant in our projects and for our clients. That is why we work with advanced lighting control solutions such as Casambi, Tuya, Dali and Dali 2, incorporated in our luminaires and being a compatible accessory with our Fine led strips.

This process goes hand in hand with the Project Department, which works with enthusiasm and closeness with the client to make each of the lighting projects a reality. These are designed with specialized software for the generation of light calculations and three-dimensional images. In this way, the client can anticipate how the project will turn out, before generating unnecessary expenses.

We do all of this in compliance with the strictest guidelines in terms of certification, efficiency, sustainability, and respect for the environment, which is why Beneito Faure products comply with all European standards such as RoHs, CE and EMC.

With two locations in Barcelona and more than 25,000m2 of space, we continue to grow while lighting alongside large projects, companies, and people.

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