New Beneito Faure catalog C33: double the number of pages and double the innovation

This year 2023 Beneito Faure presents a catalog prepared to fully address the most demanding lighting projects.

The C33 allows us to cover a wide range of light source needs with luminaires that allow pendant, recessed, wall-mounted and magnetic track installations, such as the new Time track and Urban track. In addition, some of the new luminaires optimize their use by incorporating motion sensors. The customization and versatility of our product families remains our priority. With models such as the Zero lamp, it is possible to create light compositions by choosing between different dimensions, finishes and wattages, as well as introducing new models such as Zero in and Zero out.

Apart from improving existing collections, we have designed new luminaires in which the cylindrical shape stands out with Tubi, Filter and Grip, available in different sizes and color temperatures. We have also incorporated wood finishes with the Forest luminaire and gold through Square. And finally, to respond to large outdoor spaces, we have launched the Triton luminaire that illuminates from the ground and Triton down, its pendant version.

The Beneito Faure LED strips have also evolved along with the Box range of profiles. Their color temperatures, flexibility and applications have been expanded, for example, with the new Fine 25. With our catalog of LED strips it is possible to achieve the right lighting effect for each space.

In technical lighting, some of our products have been selected and evolved, with an enlarged design of the Mini oxo spotlights and incorporating the color wood in the accessories of the Pulcom and Pulsar spotlights.

Our range of decorative products is the strongest, with more than twenty novelties, including the new Space lighting system, a new concept that allows you to create hanging compositions with our decorative products through a hire that holds them.

Our legendary products such as Bora, Zoe, Lievo and Lek now have an XL version. In this way, we are extending the families to new concepts and applications. This is the case of the Atmos pendant lamp, which now has a wood finish, or Alp, which introduces Nano alp. We are also presenting new families, with a minimalist essence, such as  One, Zio, Mac, Lao and Pun wall lamps, which offer brilliant effects of light bouncing off the wall.

Portable lamps do not go unnoticed in this new catalog either, with the launch of Stem and the new corten finish of the Lievo. In the range of outdoor products, several families have been improved, such as the Blis wall lamp, which comes in a rectangular format. Also outstanding new wall lights Sunset, Artis and the Wech portable lamp.

The evolution of this new catalog is also accentuated by the incorporation of Switch technology in several selected pieces.

From its long history, Beneito Faure has advanced steadily to reach the current point, being a benchmark in the lighting market and standing out for its design and minimalism. Download the new Beneito Faure C33 catalog here.

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