Beneito Faure with sustainability: New SLR and ELR regulations

Beneito Faure is prepared for the changes in the lighting market in 2021, changes whose objective is to protect both the environment and the consumer. With the new regulations, it is expected to reduce consumer energy consumption by 55% in 2030, and improve the sustainability of products.

The changes involve two regulations, the Single Lighting Regularization (SLR) EU 2019/2020 and the new Energy Labeling Regularization (ELR) EU 2019/2015. It must be taken into account that the new EU regulation 2019/2015 distinguishes between light sources and continental products. Each light source will receive a new classification and label between A and G. And all the information of the light sources will be published as of September 1, 2021 in EPREL (European Database of Products for Labeling).

What products are affected by the new regulations?

New energy labels for light sources

Since 1994, energy labels have been used by the EU to inform customers easily and quickly. The new labels to be used for light sources have a new energy classification that has been created because the previous one had reached its limits (A, A +, A ++). The EU wants to offer manufacturers and suppliers a wider margin to develop future products (light sources with class A ++ currently, they will be modified as of September 1, 2021 to class C or D in the best case ). The QR code with a link to the EPREL database allows consumers to obtain more transparent information.

New energy labels for Continent Products

To declare any article as a Continent Product, manufacturers, importers and their accredited representatives must guarantee that the light sources and power supplies can be separated or disassembled with common tools, without causing permanent damage to the light sources. If this is not possible, the product must be considered as a Light Source in its entirety.

The Continent Products that can be separated or disassembled must be published in the EPREL Database.

Manufacturers, importers and their accredited representatives must provide end consumers and qualified persons with clear information on the possibility of replacing light sources and power supplies or not. Beneito Faure provides such information on various platforms:

– On our free access website

– In the instructions for use

– In the packaging in the form of a pictogram.

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