Back to work: how to light an office with LED lights

With the arrival of September we return to the routine, to work and the many hours in front of the computer. A good practice to prevent visual fatigue from screens is to use adequate lighting.

Next, we will see some tips and ideas on useful and correct lighting in workspaces such as an office.

General light is essential. It is located on the ceiling and offers enough light to illuminate our entire office. Oxo It would be a good option, our led floodlight with a 60º aperture optic would work perfectly. While is true that Oxo allows interchangeable optics that can generate a more specific light, in the case of general lighting it would be better to opt for its optics with a higher degree of aperture. The model Press 8W would also be a good option to fulfill this functionality.

For work areas, it is necessary to have direct light with an adequate UGR. The UGR is the value that expresses the glare of the light source, being zero when it is 10 and less than 19, being ideal for offices or reading areas.

All our luminaires have a UGR of less than 19. A good option would be the luminaire Time , which is also modular and can be custom-made with short or longer sections, installed recessed into the ceiling, or floating. The luminaire Dual it could fulfill the same function, in addition to generating both direct and indirect light, since it projects light through its lower part and also through the upper part. On the other hand we would have the model Nexus , which allows various color temperatures and light intensities, a necessary regulation to avoid glare and to feel a pleasant and comfortable visual sensation at all times.

To reinforce dark areas, corridors or highlight some point of the room we can take into account the models Tram and Nice . With its black interiors we ensure that the light does not bounce and we avoid reflections.

Signal lights like the Grow can be a good option to delimit spaces, while the family Bora it is ideal to highlight a meeting table or a meeting point. In addition, it does not have to be always in suspension and this makes the family very versatile.

With all these options we can achieve light comfort and a pleasant visual sensation that favors concentration and creativity.

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