Some tips for an awesome kitchen LED lighting

In a home, the kitchen is a meeting point for the whole family. It can also be a space to eat or have a coffee with friends. It is important to think about which atmosphere we would like to give to each corner of the kitchen before opting for one lighting or another. Then we can play with different points of light.

To solve the general lighting we opted for a recessed led downlight such as the Thessis, which provides a uniform and constant light thanks to its versatility. In the work area, colder light is usually used while in the enjoyment area the light will be warmer, that is why Thessis allows to regulate its color temperature in 3,000K, 4,000K and 5,000K.

Even with the general lighting resolved, there will be corners that remain dark. The option of Fine led strips must be considered, it is ideal for installation in work areas such as the countertop, the hob or the tap. The Fine option can also be useful in glass cabinets, inside furniture or other dark corners. The visual image of these spaces will be stylized apart from improving its functionality. In addition, these led strips have a high CRI which allow us to faithfully appreciate the color of the food we work with. They offer great flexibility in the design of any project and they are compatible with Beneito Faure’s Box range of profiles for led strips with custom-made and cut-to-measure service.

Following with technical lighting, there we have the recessed led lights such as our Pulcom, Pulsar and Nano Oxo models. They are not specifically designed for the kitchen, but as versatile as they are, they can give a decorative and a distinct air in some points of that space. In the case of the Oxo family, as they are adjustable projectors, they allow to highlight a decoration, give depth to the walls and create a much more comfortable atmosphere.

If we want to give a touch of personality to the kitchen and impress the guests, decorative lighting such as the Atmos and Bora families are the best option. They add an elegant touch if they are placed on the island or the kitchen table. They illuminate and decorate at the same time and they help to separate spaces. These decorative suspension luminaries will make that meeting area the central element of your kitchen.

With all these tips we will achieve a cozy and functional lighting that responds to all needs.

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