Lao is a recessed LED signaling wall light for interiors with a 1.5W power. Through its 38º light aperture Lao projects a discreet but functional lighting, we can find it in passageways, stairs or delimiting spaces. Lao incorporates the Switch technology that allows to select the color temperature between 2.700K, 3.200K and 4.000K (20lm) to adapt the product to any lighting project.

This signage wall light comes in black and white finishes and includes a motion sensor that informs the wall light when to turn on and off depending on the presence detected in its angle of reach (6/8mts). In addition, it also has a programmable twilight sensor capable of detecting the amount of light in the environment to turn on or off.

Nominal tension :
Nominal power :
Power factor :
Hertz :
Life :
Max and min temperature :
+45ºC -20ºC
IP :
Lumens :
Units per box :
  • 5027: LAO BLANCO NEGRO 1,5W 38º SWITCH 2700K/3200K/4000K

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