Wech, a portable lamp for indoors and outdoors (IP65)

Over the years, lighting has evolved along with the development of the world and society. Technology has played a key role in its development, allowing to improve in innovation, creating more flexible and multifunctional products, ready to undertake great challenges and lighting projects.

Wech, one of Beneito Faure’s portable lamps, is one of the most technical products prepared to address those more specific actions where a direct light emission is required. It is characterized by its versatility, offering an infinite number of options, both in its application and in its installation.

This 10W portable lamp is extruded in aluminum and polycarbonate and offers white and black finishes. Thanks to its high protection rating (IP65), it offers high resistance to water and dust, and has a high protection against external impacts of IK08, so it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.


Inside its box includes the necessary accessories to be installed on the surface by means of a strap or through a clamp, which makes Wech a movable and relocatable product in any space.

Thanks to its clamp, Wech provides endless applications and possibilities, we can find it in more technical spaces where a specific lighting is required to carry out a specific action, such as in the assembly of an electrical panel, in the repair of a car or in the installation of a wall awning, as well as in more recreational environments, such as camping or camping areas, to provide light when it gets dark.

Switch Technology

Wech incorporates new technologies that seek to create functionalities to suit the user’s demands. One of them is the Switch technology, this technology allows to select different color temperatures between 3,000K, 4,000K and 5,000K by means of a switch located in the back area of the lamp. In this way, with the same product, we can vary between these three tones of color temperature, adapting the light to any room and situation.

USB-C Charging

As it is a portable lamp, Wech has an autonomy of up to six hours, reaching its maximum autonomy after a ten-hour continuous charge using a USB-C charger. Wech can also be used as an external battery that allows charging more than one electronic device at a time.

Thanks to its versatility and innovation, Wech is ready to respond to a wide range of lighting demands, optimizing certain functions and work processes, practical and resolute in its use and installation, it will solve lighting in a functional way.

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