Explore your imagination with Fine 25, a LED strip without limits

With years of dedication and effort, Beneito Faure has managed to be at the forefront of all innovations and technological advances, with the aim of taking lighting to new horizons. The new C33 catalog, launched at the beginning of this year, stands out for the wide variety of products and solutions it offers. Along with it comes Fine 25, the result of all our evolution: the LED strip that invites architects, interior designers and users to delve into their imagination to create a luminaire that fits and integrates perfectly into their projects.

Fine 25 is a flexible neon LED strip with a diameter of 25mm as the name suggests. It is part of Beneito Faure’s family of Fine LED strips and is certified for corrosion resistance, salt alkali resistance and anti-UV resistance. For this reason, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors, thanks also to its IP67 rating, which offers high resistance to water and dust.

This LED strip (20W/m) offers different lumens, from 41LM/m to 73LM/m, depending on the color temperature it emits. It offers up to six references that allow the user to choose between different color temperatures (2.400K, 2.700K, 3.000K, 4.000K, 2.700K-6.500K) and an RGB model that can produce an infinite number of light tones. Our selection of bins makes Fine 25 and our entire range of Fine LED strips bring confidence and peace of mind to our customers, we carefully analyze the color temperature in the manufacturing process of the product, ensuring our color fidelity.

In addition, thanks to our production department, this LED strip is customizable in terms of cutting so that everyone can create a completely customized luminaire, adapted to their tastes and needs.

Transformable in shape and color, Fine 25 is a totally timeless product, able to preside over any space being a spectacular pendant lamp that offers an infinite number of shapes and positions thanks to its suspension kit. Being a flexible strip, Fine 25 allows you to explore a multitude of shapes and compositions, achieving unique figures and lighting effects. Fine 25 invites you to exploit your creativity, where the limit is only your imagination.

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