Get total versatility with Switch Technology

At Beneito Faure we seek solutions for our clients and that includes the integration of new technologies. Switch technology allows changing the color temperature of the luminaire by means of a small switch located on it. In this way, with just one product we can vary between different shades of color temperature.

We have a wide range of products that incorporate this technology, among which Lena, Kom and Picolo Switch stand out, projectors that allow the color temperature to be changed with the product already installed, thus providing maximum use of space through lighting.

This technology has been designed to add value to our products, enabling us to get multiple products into one. With Switch technology you can choose the color temperature that you like best or that fits best, adapting the light to any environment or situation.

We find luminaires that offer a more decorative aesthetic like the Atmos Switch, the Rubyc with its square structure and the Concord luminaire which is rather cylindrical. These projectors, through Switch technology, improve the lighting of domestic or commercial spaces, in the same way as outdoor collections do such as Clos or Sky Switch with color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.

Switch technology also makes sense in embedded products because it gives them a second life in the event that a space is significantly changed. The Pulcom spotlight, the Oxo projector or the Kora and Thessis downlights would be a good example, since they allow you to choose the color temperature between 2,700K, 3,000K or 3,200K, 4,000K and up to 5000K depending on the collection.

The different color temperatures would be represented in the following way:

– Warm White 2700K: It is generally represented by an orange or yellowish color.

– Neutral White 4000K: White is used to represent it.

– Cool White 5000K or more: A bluish color reflects this tone.

Some of our products, such as the new Zoom spotlight, incorporate a lighting system with double Switch technology, which allows not only the color temperature to be regulated, but also the light power. In the case of this luminaire, you can easily select the wattage between 15W, 20W and 25W, thereby increasing the functionality of the product.

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