Beneito Faure illuminates Khanvian Prêt-à-porter house at Construmat 2023

The 22nd edition of Construmat 2023, the reference event in Spain in the construction sector held at the Fira de Barcelona, took place from May 23 to 25, 2023. For three days the latest market solutions were exhibited for all professionals in the sector, where they could learn about the latest materials, techniques, services and systems for a more sustainable and innovative construction.

With more than 75 years of experience in industrialized construction, Pret-à-porter Casas was one of the 208 companies that exhibited its products and services during the three-day event, with lighting by Beneito Faure. Pret-à-porter is a construction company that has its own industrialized construction system that has the support of Prêt-à-porter Studio, the interior design company with which we collaborate offering lighting solutions for different architectural and interior design projects.

At Construmat, Pret-à-porter houses had two stands, one exhibited its architecture and services, located in the indoor area and the other stand located in the outdoor area, where its new construction system was presented through the Khanvian house.

Inside the Khanvian house, our Zero Dual decorative luminaire was exhibited. With its 120° beam and circular shape, Zero Dual creates a spacious effect and is ideal for both direct and indirect lighting, as it can project light from both the top and bottom. Thanks to its compatibility with Tuya, Casambí and Dalí 2 technologies, our high-design LED luminaire allows you to regulate the light intensity and color temperature, adapting it to every need and time of day.

Concord allows directing the light thanks to its 90º rotation and 355º swivel. It can be located on any surface, in this case, it was installed on a sloping ceiling. This decorative wall light can illuminate both large spaces and more specific areas, thanks to its different sizes and powers. In addition, it incorporates Switch technology that allows the selection of different color temperatures and has a dimmable version that regulates the light intensity of the wall light using a TRIAC dimmer.

In its recessed version, Tram, helps to accentuate more specific areas of the spaces. It offers different designs, with different points and repetitions of light as required. This LED spotlight incorporates TUYA technology, that allows to regulate the intensity and color temperature between 2,700K and 6,000K.

Finally, Pulsar, was installed outside of the Khanvian house. With an IP65 rating, it is highly resistant to water and dust. This LED spotlight creates discreet points of light perfect for solving both the general lighting of a space and to be located in corridors, dressing rooms or closets, thanks to its asymmetrical version that allows to direct the light to one side.

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