How to light a dressing room

A dressing room is more enjoyable with good lighting. Taking care of lighting will allow you to appreciate the clothes and accessories in detail. You will quickly find what you are looking for and it will improve the organization of the space.

One option to solve general lighting is opting for recessed spotlights such as Pulsar 8W and Pulcom models. Pulcom, with its asymmetric version, even though it is fixed, directs the light into the cabinets. The Oxo recessed led projector would do the same function as the previous ones, apart from providing a 90º rotation and a 355º turn.

For ceiling installation, we have the Picolo with base, Concord and Rubyc, ideal for directing the flow of light onto clothing. These allow both turn and rotation, easily adapting to the space and your requirements. In addition, they can respond both the general and specific lighting function.

Track lights are also a very versatile option, like the Picolo model. The good thing about this type of track installation is that you can add and remove light points without having to do new installations.

In recent years and more and more, the interior of the cabinets has been illuminated with Fine led strips. We also see them above or below the shelves, on the interior bar of the closet or even on the ceiling or other corners as general light. The aim is to avoid dark corners and reach all points of the space, thus obtaining a more comfortable display of all clothes.

Whether you have a spacious dressing room or a closet, taking care of the light is important, as well as its color temperature. Our models have different color temperature options, being between 2700K and 3000K the recommended, a very neutral option.

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