Urban Market is an indoor LED luminaire (IP40) with surface or suspended installation. With a UGR<19 it avoids glare and offers a nominal voltage of 230VAC. It also has a professional linear system for direct lighting with CRI>95 that faithfully reproduces colors.

Designed for installation in supermarkets, Urban Market is available in 3.000K (112lm/W), 4.000K (118lm/W) and also offers a wide variety of color temperatures to suit all types of products: 2.700K (131lm/W) for bread, 3.200K (86lm/W) for red meat and ham, 3.500K (84lm/W) for white meat, 6.500K (139lm/W) for fish and 4.200K for fruit (123lm/W). This luminaire also has a wide range of powers that can be combined with the OPAL Asymmetric diffuser to achieve optimal lighting adapted to each product: 45W (1.130 mm), 55.5W (1.410 mm), 66W (1.690 mm), 76.5W (1.970 mm) and 97,5 W (2.530 mm).

Urban Market is compatible with Dali 2, technology that allows intelligent control of the luminaire, is available in black and white with the option of customization in terms of cutting, handling and finishes and has an average life of 50.000 hours along with a 5-year warranty.

Power factor :
Life :
IP :
Units per box :
  • 213XXX: MARKET Asymmetric 45W (1.130 mm)
  • 214XXX: MARKET Asymmetric 55,5W (1.410 mm)
  • 215XXX: MARKET Asymmetric 66W (1.690 mm)
  • 216XXX: MARKET Asymmetric 76,5W (1.970 mm)
  • 217XXX: MARKET Asymmetric 97,5W (2.530 mm)
  • 223XXX: MARKET Double asym. 45W (1.130 mm)
  • 224XXX: MARKET Double asym. 55,5W (1.410 mm)
  • 225XXX: MARKET Double asym. 66W (1.690 mm)
  • 226XXX: MARKET Double asym. 76,5W (1.970 mm)
  • 227XXX: MARKET Double asym. 97,5W (2.530 mm)
  • 233XXX: MARKET Optical (30º) 45W (1.130 mm)
  • 234XXX: MARKET Optical (30º) 55,5W (1.410 mm)
  • 235XXX: MARKET Optical (30º) 66W (1.690 mm)
  • 236XXX: MARKET Optical (30º) 76,5W (1.970 mm)
  • 237XXX: MARKET Optical (30º) 97,5W (2.530 mm)
  • 263XXX: MARKET Optical (60º) 45W (1.130 mm)
  • 264XXX: MARKET Optical (60º) 55,5W (1.410 mm)
  • 265XXX: MARKET Optical (60º) 66W (1.690 mm)
  • 266XXX: MARKET Optical (60º) 76,5W (1.970 mm)
  • 267XXX: MARKET Optical (60º) 97,5W (2.530 mm)
  • 293XXX: MARKET Optical (90º) 45W (1.130 mm)
  • 294XXX: MARKET Optical (90º) 55,5W (1.410 mm)
  • 295XXX: MARKET Optical (90º) 66W (1.690 mm)
  • 296XXX: MARKET Optical (90º) 76,5W (1.970 mm)
  • 297XXX: MARKET Optical (90º) 97,5W (2.530 mm)

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