Lighting of a museum: what to consider

LED spotlights have multiple benefits over other light sources when it comes to art gallery and museum lighting.

In an art gallery a wide range of works are exhibited with different requirements, therefore it is important to have flexible luminaires with degrees of inclination and rotation in order to meet the needs of any exhibitions.

We see how consider a versatile lighting is crucial in lighting of museums. For example, Cookie with 12W of power, has an inclination of 90º and a 355º rotation, so its beam light of 38º can be directed wherever you want. This type of light beam openings help focus attention on sculptures or works of art and create points of interest to guide visitors. Cookie is installed by a 48V magnet rail that facilitates any installation or change in the light points. In addition, as it is a magnetized track, the lights are easily attached perfectly and illuminate when they are in contact with the track. Discover our new collection of 48V magnet track fixtures and the main advantages of that the 48V magnet track offers here

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The ability to reproduce colors in a space such as a museum is a relevant factor to take into account. That is why we recommend spotlights with a high color rendering index such as our model Sono, with a CRI equal or greater than 98. In addition, this piece of elegant composition can move freely along the three-phase track to adapt to space requirements in case the display points change. Sono also provides smart and therefore dimmable lighting. The turning on, the intensity of the light and the color temperature can be chosen and regulated at any time as desired.

Our Kom projector would be another very good candidate to offer this versatility and quality in lighting for museums and art galleries. It has interchangeable optics with a light beam opening of 15º, 25º and 40º. Thanks to the rotation capacity of the LED projectors, each work of art will have a specific point of light. With 30W of power as Kom, we have Konic, another adjustable spotlight with interchangeable optics of 15º, 38º and 60º.

LED lighting reduces heat and increases the ability to reproduce color, important elements for the display and preservation of works of art. With this appropriate led lighting it will be achieved a great visual comfort and an attractive environment that offers an atmosphere of discovery.

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