New decorative collection for 48V magnet track

Beneito Faure believes in minimalism and versatility in the same product. This is what the new Beneito Faure 48V magnet track offer, a complete freedom to create straight lines, angles and even designs that go up the wall and continue on the ceiling, if desired.

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In this blog we present Beneito Faure’s new collection of 48V magnet track fixtures. It is a wide collection of high-quality decorative pieces for interiors and available in different power and finishes.

The Line and Tram models are the new decorative spotlights that are inserted into the track. These fixed luminaires have different powers ranging from 4.5W to 30W, adapting to the needs of the space. They provide different lighting effects, since Tram is made up of several points of light, while Line provides a more diffuse light.

Cookie, Dot and Alp are 12W, 11W and 4.5W power design pieces respectively. They offer a 90º rotation and a 355º turn so that its 35º or 38º beam of light can be directed wherever you want. These types of light angles help to focus attention, for example, on objects or sculptures while creating points of interest.

With the magnetic track, these light points can be installed and moved along the track without the need for specific tools or to modify the installation. This means that more and more we see more magnetic rails in homes: for their comfort, the use they provide in decoration and for their versatility.

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The Alp model also has a pendant version, the 4.5W Alp Suspension that brings minimalism and relevance to its 38º beam of light. Another hanging model would be Zoe, a 7W led decorative spotlight with black and white finishes.

All these decorative pieces have a UGR <19 that prevents glare and a CRI> 90 that guarantees a faithful reproduction of the colors with the light on.

For this new C32 catalog we also recover our Bora family, with the Bora 48V version for magnet track, with 4.5W of power and a color temperature of 2,700K and 3,000K. We also present the Bora Suspension model for magnetic rail with double power, 8.5W.

The magnetic rail facilitates any installation or change in the light points. In addition, as it is a magnetized track, the lights are easily attached perfectly and illuminate when they are in contact with the track.

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