Wall lights for bedrooms and other original ideas for lighting your bedside table

There are bedrooms that we would never want to leave. They are resting spaces that transmit a calm and quiet atmosphere so necessary in this kind of rooms. Light is one of the main factors to achieve this desired environment.

Below we will see led wall lights for bedrooms and other ideas to get a different nightstand lighting that helps us to relax.

For this purpose we have Pure, Sweet, Beam, Rubyc and Concord, Beneito Faure’s led wall lights. Many people like to read before going to sleep, so these led wall lights with different orientations are ideal. They allow us to direct the light without interfering with other points in the room through its rotation and movement. And in addition, they have a light intensity selector.

The Pure model with 4W of power and a warm color temperature of 2,700K is ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Its design includes a button to regulate the three light intensities. The regulation of the intensity will allow you to enjoy the necessary amount of light depending on the moment.

The Sweet model, with the same power and temperature, stands out for its mobile charger via induction, which helps to avoid cable clutter and provides greater organization and visual relaxation of the bedside table. If we are interested in having more charging points, we can opt for the Beam model, with two USB ports and a high CRI (CRI> 90) that guarantees faithful color reproduction.

If what we are looking for, is a wall lamp with a more decorative air, we have the Lek model, an option that fits with a wide variety of designs and finishes. It illuminates with style and allows us to play with daring light effects. Bora and Icon also fulfill this function. The Bora led spotlight, with multiple positions and a minimalist design, allows you to have a made-to-measure suspension. While the Icon model adapts to the environment you want thanks to it Switch technology.

Complementing the general light in the bedroom with this softer and more relaxed indirect lighting, will allow you to create different atmospheres. You can turn on the wall lights when you don’t need too much light and illuminate your relaxing moments in the best way.

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