Dot is a decorative indoor LED spotlight for 48V magnetic rail with 11W of power. This piece of minimalist design provides versatile lighting both for illuminating the dressing room of a home or a corridor, and for generating decorative points of light, ideal for objects and sculptures.

This fixture, with a color temperature of 2.700K and 3.000K, has a light beam of 35º which highlights elements or points of interest in a space. Dot also features a cylindrical geometry and pure line design with architectural aesthetics. It can be moved freely along the track, as well as oriented towards the desired directions thanks to its high rotation capacity.

This type of installation can add or remove light points along the rail without the need for specific tools or installation modifications, as this spotlight works by magnetisation. It lights up when it comes into contact with the rail, providing great convenience and flexibility without the need for wires.

Nominal tension :
Nominal power :
Power factor :
> 0,5
Hertz :
Life :
Max and min temperature :
IP :
Lumens :
2.700K 680 lm - 3.000K 690 lm
Units per box :
  • 4768: DOT MAGNET TRACK BLANCO 11W 35º 2700K
  • 4769: DOT MAGNET TRACK BLANCO 11W 35º 3000K
  • 4770: DOT MAGNET TRACK NEGRO 11W 35º 2700K
  • 4771: DOT MAGNET TRACK NEGRO 11W 35º 3000K

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