Innovation and versatility: discover the Zoom projector

This year we are pleased to present the new three-phase track LED luminaire called Zoom, one of the most innovative projectors in technical lighting by Beneito Faure. Its shape and size reminds us of the lens of a camera that allows us to “zoom”. This concept is transferred to our luminaire by adjusting, with the same gesture, its angle of light aperture.

Zoom is presented as an indoor LED spotlight that can be easily adapted to any space. It has a modern, contemporary design and the possibility of rotating the piece by 355° and orienting it by 90°. It is a product recommended for lighting projects where it is necessary to accentuate decorative elements, as well as to achieve a wider illumination, as it has an adjustable light beam from 15º to 55º with a smooth movement of the front.

This piece was born from the idea of creating an article with a high degree of flexibility in all types of installations. With the possibility of being adjustable for three-phase rail, it also has a double Switch technology. It can regulate the power between 15W, 20W and 25W, offering from 1100 lm to 1730 lm, as well as the color temperature. It permits creating the right ambience for each space, with a choice of color temperature between 2,700K, 3,200K and 4,000K by means of a switch incorporated in the luminaire.

Zoom is an excellent luminaire for installation on three-phase linear tracks with several light points. Thanks to its functionality, flexibility and easy adaptation it can move freely along the track and enhance the lines of any architectural space. It is ideal for exhibitions, retail, hotels and residences, due to its numerous customisation possibilities and its UGR >19, which provides lighting comfort for the client or user, reducing glare.

Made of aluminium and polycarbonate, and with black and white finishes, Zoom provides triple regulation in power, color temperature and light beam. This makes it the perfect spotlight to enhance the most relevant areas of a space and obtain a uniform, professional-quality distribution of light and color.

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