Zero Luminaires, design and smart lighting

Interior lighting is no longer just a functional branch in the construction of a home, it has become a true art that encompasses one of the main aspects; home decoration and design.

Thus, Beneito Faure presents the Zero family, a combination of technology, smart lighting, and high product design, which offers total flexibility by allowing you to choose dimensions, finishes, power, installations and light and intensity regulations. Its circular extruded aluminum profiles can be installed as an individual ceiling pendant light or combined with each other as a chandelier or a cascading gyroscope, adopting an artistic character in large spaces. Its design allows to adjust and place the luminaires at different heights, creating sculptural works or decorative objects. It is an ideal luminaire in areas such as a large hotel hall, offering a warm welcome. We also find it in large meeting areas or spaces with high ceilings that are intended to be enhanced, adjusting to the required needs, while being a focus of attraction.

This collection has 3 different types of decorative pendant lights: Zero Inout, Zero Dual and Zero Direct. Also, this family is mainly characterized by offering smart lighting, which provides comfort and a reduction in energy consumption. It incorporates Dali 2, Tuya and Casambi technologies, lighting regulation systems that allow the digital control of each luminaire individually. Among its many benefits, we highlight the option to turn it on and off, the intensity graduation and the change in color temperature of the product. Its parameters can be modified through its totally intuitive app, and control the different scenes through a command. This makes it very easy for the user to control the lighting and adapt it to each moment of the day.

In addition, Dali 2 technology has evolved in such a way that it allows not only to emit and control the light intensity of the luminaire, but also to receive information from all kinds of sensors, for example, related to the humidity of the environment or the circulation of people in a specific corridor, among many others. On the other hand, they have black and white finishes, and soon in more colors.

First of all, we have Zero Inout, a circular LED luminaire with a diameter of 1,567mm. It has a power of 154W ideal for lighting large spaces, and with an adjustable color temperature of 3,000K and 4,000K. With a UGR <19, Zero Inout projects light on the outside and inside, creating amazing light effects.

Zero Dual, on the other hand, would be ideal for direct and indirect lighting, since it projects light from its lower part and also from its upper part. Its wide beam of light bounces off the ceiling creating a high amplitude effect. It has different powers of 107W, 162W and 325W that correspond to its three versions of 1,050mm, 1,550mm and 3,050mm in diameter.

Finally, Zero Direct is a circular luminaire that fits into smaller spaces compared to the rest of the collection, with 43W, 81W and 162W of power and three versions of 835mm, 1,535mm and 3,035mm in diameter. It offers fully customizable direct lighting with an adjustable color temperature of 3,000K and 4,000K.

The world of design is constantly evolving, presenting trends in fusion with lighting. This collection, as well as all the novelties in luminaires designed by Beneito Faure, include more and more shapes, lighting effects and customizations required by the most innovative and pioneering architecture and interior design projects.

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