Urban luminaire, smart and design lighting

To achieve functional and highly aesthetic lighting, Beneito Faure has designed the Urban family of luminaires.

This linear luminaire for interiors is obtainable in 42W, 52.5W, 63W, 73.5W and 97.5W, thus covering a wide range of powers depending on the characteristics of the space to be illuminated.

Urban is designed for surface, recessed or suspension, with a professional linear system with a CRI>95 for direct lighting, which guarantees that Urban faithfully reproduces the colors of the objects it illuminates.

The Urban suspension version, 58mm wide and 68mm high, has a suspension kit included with a cable up to 2m long and their respective rosettes finished in white or black. This same version can be used for surface mounting, while Urban-E, 75mm wide and 68mm high, is the luminaire designed to be recessed. It brings elegance and sophistication to spaces where it is possible to create lighting structures that start on the walls and end on the ceiling.

In any of its applications, Urban allows the creation of continuous lines and different combinations, while from Beneito Faure we can customize the cut, handling and finishes of the luminaire. Besides its UGR <19 guarantees lighting comfort away from annoying and inappropriate glare in areas that require direct lighting.

Urban, as in all our luminaires, is compatible with Casambi and Dali 2 technologies. Smart lighting is increasingly relevant in our projects and for our clients. That is why we work with advanced lighting control solutions.

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