Ufo Lens Switch: functionality and innovation in industrial lighting

The Ufo collection presents its new industrial hood Ufo Lens Switch, which completes our industrial category by providing functionality and innovation.

Designed for installation in warehouses or industrial areas, Ufo Lens Switch comes in two versions that differ in their power ratings. One model with 60W, 80W and 100W of power and another model with 90W, 120W and 150W of power. The power is factory set, but the hood includes a screw that allows to adjust it according to the needs of the space. With the + we increase the preset power by 15% and with the – we decrease the default power by 15%.

Ufo Lens Switch is selectable in three different color temperatures (3.000K, 4.000K and 5.000K), thanks to the Switch technology that allows changing the light tone through a switch incorporated in the hood itself. With a simple twist on the front, it also allows to change the light opening degrees between 60º, 90º and 100º, adapting rigorously to each lighting project.

Made of aluminum and polycarbonate, this LED hood is finished in black and has a ring at the top for suspended installation. It also offers the option of incorporating a loop to achieve a surface installation and orient the product in any direction with total freedom and precision.

With the highest external impact protection rating (IK10), Ufo Lens Switch is ready to be placed in all kinds of spaces, and its IP65 rating also makes it dust-tight and resistant to water jets.

Ufo Lens Switch covers large spaces with ease, ensuring a well-lit space through its versatility and technological rigor.

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