Indoor directional lighting with Mini Oxo

A good indoor lighting can transform the space by adjusting completely to every need and lighting project. Mini Oxo is a family of LED spotlights designed to provide minimalist lighting design and high functionality in interiors.

Mini Oxo can be chosen with a single spotlight or with a repetition of up to six points of light. They can be placed almost invisibly with vertical illumination or can protrude from its recessed base with a 90º rotation and a 355º swivel achieving an accent lighting through its 42º light beam.

With a single point of light, we find Mini Oxo Round 1, Mini Oxo Square 1. In addition, the square base offers three versions with different light repetitions, Mini Oxo Square 2, Mini Oxo Square 4 and Mini Oxo Square 6, to be chosen according to the needs required by the space.

Although we usually find it in specific areas, enhancing dressing rooms, shelves, or decorative objects, among others, Mini Oxo can also be installed in order to solve the general lighting of the rooms. We can find it in residential spaces, commercial areas, hotels, etc. Its high UGR <19 (Unified Glare Ratio), offers an adequate lighting comfort to develop any activity with a correct illumination in these locations.

The Switch technology allows to select the color temperatures of Mini Oxo between 2.700K, 3.200K, 4.000K by means of a switch incorporated in the same spotlight, so that the customer can choose the most suitable color temperature according to the space and the use that is going to be done in it. This LED spotlight is finished in black and white and has the option of customization in terms of color.

Mini Oxo is part of the technical recessed collection together with Oxo and Nano Oxo, LED spotlights that solve accent lighting with versatility and elegance. This collection helps architects, designers, and interior designers to create discreet, practical systems that can be integrated into multiple projects. Its variety of shapes, finishes and installation can create lighting effects that are totally different from one another.

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