Beneito Faure lights up the Dibarcafé exhibition

Beneito Faure lights up the Dibarcafé coffee machine exhibition, directed by Julian Marcilla.

This time we have installed the projector Picolo GU10 , all designed so that the protagonist is the coffee and achieve a balance between the lighting of the space and highlighting the works that are exhibited.

The lights Picolo GU10 of Beneito Faure located on the lane provide the prominence that the Dibercafé articles deserve, highlighting each one of them and helping to explain their history.

Picolo luminaires can rotate 355º and oscillate 90º, allowing you to focus where you want. The GU10 bulb chosen was the Dimable System , with a power of 8W and a warm color temperature of 3,000K, thus allowing to regulate the intensity of the light.

Our focus Picolo GU10 It is ideal to illuminate any space, from company showrooms to private rooms, being one of the most versatile projectors on the market.


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