Lighting Project Parking Andorra la Vella

Beneito Faure lights up the public car park in Andorra la Vella with the Krion projector. The project has been carried out during the last period of 2020 through a public tender of the Commune of Andorra.

The Krion projector It is 6m high and perfectly illuminates the entire parking area thanks to its asymmetric opening angle that can be adjusted from 80º to 140º.

With a power of 300W it reaches 42,000Lm and with 400W 43,300Lm. It is extruded in aluminum and has light temperatures 4000k and 5000k.

With IP65 and IK10 protection, it can be installed between temperatures of + 45ºC -25ºC, making it ideal to be installed outside of very hot or cold countries.

Thanks to the technical and atmospheric characteristics it offers, it has been chosen to illuminate the public parking lot in the Andorran capital.

Project: Andorra parking (Andorra la Vella).

Products used: Krion.

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