Zoe 48V, is a decorative LED lamp of minimalist interior, with 7W of powe and a 38º beam of light for 48V magnetic rail. Each piece of the Zoe 48V collection is movable within the magnetic rail, thus providing a great transformation and adaptation of light in cohesion with the design of the space. This type of installation allows the addition or removal of light points along the track without the need for specific tools or modification of the installation.

Zoe 48V, works by magnetization, so it turns on when it comes into contact with the rail, providing great convenience and flexibility without the need for cables. With its modern design it is ideal for emphasizing meeting areas such as tables, kitchen bars or restaurant spaces, where a direct light point can create a differential effect in the final design of the space. Zoe 48V, has a color temperature of 2,700K and 3,000K and has a version for recessed installation and another for surface installation.

Nominal tension :
Nominal power :
Power factor :
> 0,5
Hertz :
Life :
Max and min temperature :
IP :
Lumens :
2.700K 360 lm - 3.000K 370 lm
Units per box :
  • 4795: ZOE MAGNET TRACK BLANCO 7W 38º 2.700K
  • 4796: ZOE MAGNET TRACK BLANCO 7W 38º 3.000K
  • 4797: ZOE MAGNET TRACK NEGRO 7W 38º 2.700K
  • 4798: ZOE MAGNET TRACK NEGRO 7W 38º 2.700K

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