Train is a 35W, 43W, 51W and 59W indoor LED luminaire with a color temperature of 2,700K, 3,000K, 4,000K and 5,000K and compatible with Casambi and Dali 2 technologies. Designed for surface or suspension, with a professional linear system with CRI> 95 for direct lighting, allows the creation of continuous lines and infinite combinations. Made of aluminum with matte black and white finishes, allowing for customization in terms of cutting, handling and finishes, it includes a 2m suspension kit, power cable and covers. Its dimensions are 58mm wide by 68mm high.

Nominal tension :
Power factor :
Life :
IP :
Units per box :
  • 623XXX: TRAIN Black Slats (62º) 46W (1.130 mm)
  • 624XXX: TRAIN Black Slats (62º) 57W (1.410 mm)
  • 625XXX: TRAIN Black Slats (62º) 69W (1.690 mm)
  • 626XXX: TRAIN Black Slats (62º) 80W (1.970 mm)
  • 673XXX: TRAIN Alum. Slats (84º) 46W (1.130 mm)
  • 674XXX: TRAIN Alum. Slats (84º) 57W (1.410 mm)
  • 675XXX: TRAIN Alum. Slats (84º) 69W (1.690 mm)
  • 676XXX: TRAIN Alum. Slats (84º) 80W (1.970 mm)

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