From its long trajectory Beneito Faure has advanced steadily to reach the current point, being a benchmark in the lighting market and standing out for its design and minimalism.

This year 2021 we incorporate our new catalog C31 , entitled “ News & Evolution ”.

Following our spirit of continuous improvement, we have selected and evolved some of our products, incorporating switch technology to most of them and raising the color rendering index (CRI) to values above 90.

In addition, we have incorporated the option to control some of our products with the international YOUR APP, to provide our customers with the best of current technology.

In section News We highlight the incorporation of new products designed and created to satisfy the needs of our customers. We have expanded product families such as Tram Y Atmos, and incorporated totally new and innovative products such as Pulcom or the Bora.

At the same time, this year 2021 we launched our range of profiles, luminaires and LED strips . This has been created and designed by our design department with the intention of creating and offering all kinds of LED solutions. The versatility and quality of this new family stand out as one of the great novelties of this year.

Our catalog C31 News & Evolutions it will coexist during this year with our existing C30 catalog, where all our products can be found.

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