Turn any space into a place that stands out with Beneito Faure projectors, because all events are unique.

Our projectors are developed with every detail in mind and have the most efficient features, such as anti-glare, so that cameras and spectators perceive every movement of each play. The ideal lighting of the playing rectangle attracts fans and makes the gaming experience perfect.

Through the different projectors you can adapt to every need, with a versatile and constantly evolving lighting system.


– Reduce costs with state-of-the-art energy saving LED systems.

– Increases the possibility of holding different events in the same place, since the lighting is flexible.

– The experience improves since it integrates within the same venue, the lighting, the event and the sound, thus creating an experience for the spectator and player.

More and more matches are broadcast internationally or the player simply records their training sessions, which is why Beneito Faure projectors have specific characteristics, such as fleeker free, GR (low), high light output, transmission perfect every time with the highest quality flicker-free field lighting.

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