The model Viewfinder It is an ideal portable luminaire to decorate and illuminate terraces, balconies and gardens, with a 7,800mAh LI-ION battery and with matt white and corten finishes. Thanks to its handle on the top and its light weight, the product is easily transportable.

The luminaire is extruded in aluminum and has an IP65 and 5W of power. It offers a warm light temperature of 3,000K and three different light intensities that can be adapted to each type of situation (460Lm / 100%, 230Lm / 50% or 46Lm / 25%).

The Portable LED Visor Lamp , charges via USB, cable included in the box. It takes 6.5h to reach 100% charge. The Visor with battery model has an autonomy of up to 25 hours.

The Visor portable decorative LED luminaire It will be the ideal complement for exterior decoration and lighting, and can be placed as a decorative element, or a point of light for a chill-out area.

There is also the option Visor with solar charge , a luminaire that uses renewable energy to feed itself. Made of aluminum, it has an IP65, 3.5W of power and warm light with 3,000K. It has an internal battery type LI-ION of 4,500mAh. For the charge to be at 100%, it will need a charging time of 10 hours and it will be able to work up to 8 hours without interruption.

Finished in corten color and matte black and white, the portable luminaire Visor it will be the ideal element to illuminate your garden or terrace. Being open to four winds, it allows to place a decorative element inside, giving an artistic touch to the illuminated area.

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