LED lighting and other tips to save on the price of electricity

The lighting of a space is something that is increasingly relevant for a home, due to its functionality, the importance in decoration and the consumption of light that reaches us all at the end of the month.

The price per kWh of electricity in today’s regulated market has skyrocketed throughout Europe. In addition, this energy source has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, affecting its production and logistics system.

LED light: our ally

Consuming more efficiently can help us reduce our electricity bill. LED lights are known to reduce consumption by up to 85% compared to incandescent or halogen. With LED lighting, we no longer only have to look at the watts (W) that correspond to energy consumption, but the value of lumens (Lm) is also important. This represents the amount of light that a light bulb can generate. The higher the quantity of light a bulb with lower power generates, the more efficient your lighting will be.

How to save energy in your house?

Opting for intelligent lighting guarantees an extensive lighting control, not only to regulate the color temperature, but also to reduce energy consumption through the regulation of light intensity. The ideal is to generate the appropriate lighting according to each moment of the day and the amount of light that we need. Discover here all our luminaires compatible with different smart lighting technologies.

The use of rechargeable portable lamps like our models Lievo, Converse and Visor are also a good solution. These design lamps can be recharged during the cheapest hours of the day, and used for the rest of the day without using electricity.

Light where it is needed. Sometimes lighting a reading point, a table or a functional or work point is more than enough, thus avoiding the waste of lighting an entire room.

And finally, take advantage of natural sunlight to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption. Not only to save, but also for ecological responsibility.

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