Beneito Faure lights up The Arce Pharmacy, in La Coruña, Spain

Beneito Faure participates in the reform of the Arce Pharmacy, in La Coruña, Spain. Two premises have been annexed and from their mutual work the design of Sabín Arquitectos was born, with a modern aesthetic, where white, black, and wood predominate in carpentry, furniture and lighting elements.

Our Fine led strip welcomes customers and is also framing the main counter, where it generates intense lighting without being direct. There must be enough lighting at the counter of a shop to promote a pleasant and practical meeting point between workers and customers. The Kubo luminaire achieves this atmosphere, apart from generating horizontality and spaciousness to the space.

The Konic installation has been designed to guarantee light in the exhibition modules. The distance between the projectors is mobile and makes it easier for the lighting to adapt to the needs of the space in case of variation. This is thanks to our modular projectors, designed to offer great versatility.

The Switch technology that the Konic has, allows you to regulate the ignition, intensity and color temperature between 2,700K, 3,000K and 4,000K. In spaces with wood, a temperature of about 2,700K is recommended due to the warmth of the material. While in cooler or white areas, a warmer color temperature of about 4,000K is recommended.

The installation of an LED lighting system in a pharmacy such as the Arce Pharmacy, allows the firm to have long-lasting luminaires, a considerable saving on bills and, at the same time, the light can be personalized. This helps to create a proper shopping climate and excellent visibility at any time.

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