MAC, with two different heights of 30cm and 60cm is an outdoor LED spotlight of 12W power. Designed to illuminate pathways, walkways or as a decorative light in gardens, it is perfect to place on top of a wall. This outdoor beacon is extruded in aluminum and polycarbonate and has an IP65 and IK06 that provides high protection to water and dust and good resistance to external impacts.

Mac has a 100º light beam that is directed towards the ground and with the purpose of enhancing the area generating a pleasant atmosphere with its two color temperatures of 3,000K and 4,000K.


Nominal tension :
Nominal power :
Power factor :
> 0,9
Hertz :
Life :
Max and min temperature :
+50ºC -25ºC
IP :
Lumens :
3000K 890 lm - 4000K 900 lm
Units per box :
IKn :
  • 4837: MAC 30CM BLANCO 12W 100º 3000K
  • 4838: MAC 30CM BLANCO 12W 100º 4000K
  • 4839: MAC 30CM NEGRO 12W 100º 3000K
  • 4840: MAC 30CM NEGRO 12W 100º 4000K
  • 4841: MAC 30CM CORTEN 12W 100º 3000K
  • 4842: MAC 30CM CORTEN 12W 100º 4000K

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What is the IP?

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