Discover the outdoor wall lights by Beneito Faure

It is important to take advantage of any outdoor space through lighting, since it can modify and improve the atmosphere of any zone, including open spaces. Along with a touch of design and elegance, Beneito Faure expands its catalog of outdoor lighting, thus offering new opportunities and models to suit the client.

One of the novelties in outdoor wall lights from the new C32 catalog is the Blis. This is a 15W power wall spotlight, ideal for chill out areas, outside houses, porches or terraces. Its round and square structure provide lighting effects that facilitate its adaptation to different outdoor environments. Thanks to its design Blis distributes a uniform light with its 100º opening angle, which is projected downwards and laterally thanks to a strategically placed coating on the upper part. Apart from the black and white colors, Blis also incorporates corten, a color that blends in with nature and plants in any outdoor space.

If you are looking for versatility in the same product, you have to meet Clos. This piece stems from the idea of creating a minimalist item that could be placed in multiple positions. Depending on the space you want to illuminate and the lighting effect you are looking for, you can choose between Clos 8W and Clos 16W. With a round design of 200mm diameter, the 8W power Clos offers one light point, while the 16W power Clos has two light points. This luminaire also stands out for incorporating Switch Technology, which allows the color temperature to be changed between 3,000K, 4,000K and 5,000K by means of a switch. In this way, a different atmosphere will be achieved depending on the needs of the moment.

In the new C32 catalog we also incorporate new modifications of classic products such as the Lek wall light. Its evolution lies in the change of its format. The new version of the luminaire is no longer just square, it is now also round, which offers a different contribution to the space. This new model, with 6.8W of power and three-color temperatures of 2,700K, 3,000K and 4,000K, also offers the versatility of modifying the opening of the light beam by means of fins.

Continuing now with our veteran products that are part of the outdoor wall lights, we find Neo, the outdoor wall light with 9W and 18W power and a color temperature of 3,000K and 4,000K. Its motion sensor option provides comfort and energy saving.

We also highlight the well-known Selen and Zibor, this second incorporating the color black in its finishes. These articles have a great similarity in terms of technical profile. However, their structure and shape are different, Selen is round and Zibor is rectangular. Both are ideal for walkways and areas near a pool and they share the 12W of power.

With all this, both for its aesthetics and for the savings in lighting that they entails, having LED wall lights is one of the best ways to fill a space with light in an elegant and efficient way. Discover our entire outdoor catalog here.

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