Discover the new C34 catalog by Beneito Faure

It is a pleasure to present the new C34 catalog, a catalog full of innovative solutions fully customizable to approach and adjust the light to every space, moment and need. Discover the C34 and the new lighting functionalities for new sectors and lighting projects.

A wide range of luminaires designed with all types of fixtures, shapes, finishes and intelligent functionalities has been introduced. A good example is the new Evo collection that offers from pendant (Evo Mini and Evo Fly) or recessed (Evo Dual and Evo E) solutions to magnetic track light sources such as Evo Track. We have also added decorative style luminaires with exclusive finishes such as Tundra, Circus or the Blaber collection, which minimizes noise pollution in crowded areas thanks to its recycled sound-absorbing material.

Evo Wall Dual_luminaria led interior
Evo Track_luminaria led interior
Blaber line_luminaria led interior

The range of LED profiles and strips is also growing, and we are incorporating new shapes, installations, finishes and controls, as well as more color temperatures, intensities and IPs to achieve solutions adjusted to the market demands. We highlight Box 98 as one of the most versatile solutions in the catalog, designed to be installed on the surface allows the installation of two LED strips inside the rail and projects light in a bidirectional way creating an elegant light path through indirect lighting.

box98 railing_perfil
box98 railing_perfil

In the technical category we present new product lines for retail and supermarket lighting with the Lonja spotlight. The new Micro Zoom or Golf LED spotlights are perfect for focal lighting in the jewelry sector and in displays with small products. In this category we have also expanded the product families with new three-phase track installations, such as the Cookie Three Phase Track, and we have added new accessories with gold finishes, a trendy color, with the Pulsar matt gold trim or Nano Pulsar matt gold trim.

Micro Zoom_proyector led
Golf_proyector led

In our decorative range we could not miss the new Bimba and Bag portable lamps that provide an ambient and cozy lighting. We also find pendant lamps with an extendable cable as the Hat or the Fine 25 circle 48V, which through a groundbreaking and adjustable design illuminate and decorate the space with elegance and functionality. Within the range of products with magnetic rail installation, we also find the Curve collection that brings innovation and flexibility thanks to its curved and movable capacity within the rail.

fine 25 circle 48v_lampara decorativa
curve line_carril decorativo

In outdoor lighting, the C34 catalog offers new wall lights, beacons and signposts with different installations and lighting effects that decorate and emphasize outdoor areas for general ambient and accent lighting. The product that stands out the most is Frame, a neon type LED strip with sizes of 1, 2 and 3 meters that guarantees a linear and uniform illumination, it is also compatible with the new outdoor rail that presents a wide range of accessories easily adaptable to all kinds of needs and lighting projects.

bit_foco proyector led_exterior
atmos_luminaria led suspension_exterior

With this new catalog we continue to offer the customization of the luminaires in terms of cutting, handling and finishing by our own production department. At the same time, we add intelligent systems in more luminaires to improve the daily life of users, while we get the light to adapt to every occasion and time of day.

control remoto_casambi

In Beneito Faure we are committed to constant evolution and innovation to provide the best solutions adapted to the needs of our customers. Discover here all that the new C34 has to offer.

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