Beneito Faure lights up the second Aliexpress store

Located in the Finestrelles shopping center in Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona), it is the second physical store opened in Europe by the giant Alibaba.

Lighting is one of the most important parts of a store, since it has been proven that the type of light tone used, as well as other characteristics of the luminaire, will be decisive in the customer’s impression of the product.

Our rails and projectors Kom They are lighting up the most emblematic products of the brand located on the walls of the store.

Thanks to the fact that the product can rotate at 350º, the point of light can be redirected to where it is desired. The Kom projector It has 3 interchangeable reflectors that allow you to choose the most suitable opening angle (15º, 24º and 40º).

It is extruded in aluminum and has a power of 33W and Akzo Novel protection and has a matte black and white finish. The UGR< 19 allows high visual comfort and prevents glare.

Project: Aliexpress Plaza, Barcelona.
Products used: Kom.

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