Comfort and efficiency in lighting: discover the PIR motion sensor

Over last years the world of lighting has lived an exponential evolution, that is why we are constantly looking to reinvent ourselves, seeking efficiency and effectiveness in all the products we launch to the market.

Among the novelties of the C33 catalog by Beneito Faure, there are new luminaires within the Time and Urban families: Time Wall Sensor and Urban Sensor, two luminaires that incorporate the PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor. It detects the variations of infrared radiation in its coverage area, so this type of sensors are especially useful to detect the presence of people or animals through the heat they emit their bodies.

In the case of our luminaires, they turn on automatically when they notice a presence less than 2 meters from the sensor. When no presence is detected, the luminaire will turn off between 6 and 70 seconds after switching on, according to the desired configuration. In this way, we will optimize energy and lighting time.

As well as providing significant energy efficiency, the sensors also provide us with comfort and efficiency, as we do not have to be aware of turning the lights on or off in a room when we arrive or leave. They can also be used for security, as they help to identify foot traffic at any time of the day.


Time Wall Sensor and Urban Sensor are luminaires designed for indoor areas and are installed directly on the wall. Both can be customised in cut, color and size by the production department of Beneito Faure, which offers a customised execution and cutting service for our luminaires, LED strips and profiles in order to provide a completely personalised solution for the client.

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