The hood Led Ufo Lens by Beneito Faure is extruded in aluminum and has a compact design and a variety of powers, from 100W to 240W, with color temperatures of 4000K and 5000K. In all Ufo Lens hoods a light output of 160Lm / W real is achieved, establishing itself as one of the luminaires to stand out in the lighting sector for industrial buildings.

On its front there is an innovative system of high quality and resistant PVC optics, thus allowing a considerable weight reduction. With a simple turn of a few degrees, it allows minimizing or maximizing the projection of light, having a minimum opening of 60º for those corridor areas that are so narrow and difficult to illuminate even the most diaphanous spaces, having a beam of 120º.

To all this is added the fact that its intermediate beam is 90º, thus making the hood Led Ufo Lens by Beneito Faure very versatile adapting to each of the spaces of an industrial warehouse. In the case of the 240W Ufo Lens, it reaches a distance of 19 meters with a real performance of 75 Lx in an area of more than 5.8 meters in circumference.

In powers from 100W to 200W, it has a diameter of 340mm. It has an effective system for maintaining the working temperature and thus keeps it stable quickly and easily, thus making its durability longer.

The Ufo Lens hood It has an impact protection index of 10 (IK10), a protection index of 65 (IP65). It is a product with a surge protection system> 4KV. The driver works at multi voltage, 100-260V.

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