Tuya Smart

Beneito Faure includes in its 2021 collection some products with the Tuya technology, thus making smart products capable of being managed through the mobile application Tuya Smart App.

The main steps to follow for a correct installation are listed below.

Among its many benefits, we highlight the on/off option, the dimmability and the change of the color temperature of the product. Below there is a small tutorial showing an example together with the product Tram, in its recessed version.

There are two options to synchronize the products with the app. The first option is through the automatic synchronization. It will only be necessary to click the (+) button and select the devices detected by Bluetooth.

The second option is through manual synchronization. To do this, click on the (+) button and on the Light Source in the lighting section. Then, manually turn the switch on and off three times until the product flashes, and then it will be detected.

In the following video there will be the two ways to synchronize products to the application.

One of the best tools that the Tuya Smart application has is the possibility of creating groups of products, with the aim of carrying out massive actions on a specific group of devices.

In the following video, see how to create groups of several products.

For further assistance, please contact beneito@beneito-faure.com