The lighting in the hotel environment is essential and helps in creating the desired atmosphere.

Beneito Faure is aware of this and offers LED lighting solutions to decorate and illuminate any space.

The Arrahona hotel was built on the site of the former Arrahona factory, of which some of its original elements have been preserved, such as the high ceilings of the main hall.

In its main hall, they have different paintings and objects that they wanted to highlight. We installed our ALFA spotlight, which offer a minimalist design and high visual comfort.

Thanks to its 355º rotation, it is possible to focus and needed detail.

With its 32W of power, the ALFA spotlight installed is the matt white version with a warm colour temperature of 2700K. The luminaire is also available in black and either 2700K either 3000K.

Our ALPHA spotlight is suitable for lighting up works of art, rooms and halls.

Customer: Hotel Arrahona Place: Sabadell Date: 11/05/2020

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