Beneito Faure lights up Victor Lope Contemporary Art Gallery

LED spotlight have multiple benefits over other light sources when it comes to art gallery and museum lighting.

Beneito Faure had the pleasure to illuminate the Victor Lope Arte Contemporaneo Gallery, founded in Barcelona in 2009 with the mission of being part of the European and international art market. The protagonist of the gallery is our Kom family, which currently lights up two exhibition pavilions and a total area of 130 meters of the gallery.

In an art gallery a wide range of works are exhibited with different requirements, therefore it is important to have flexible luminaires with degrees of inclination and rotation in order to meet the needs of the multiple exhibitions. For this reason it was used our LED spotlight designed for indoor use, theKom 30W Switch finished, in this case, in white.

These LED spotlights have interchangeable optics of 15º, 25º and 40º and thanks to the rotating capacity of the LED projectors, each artwork has a specific point of light. Its color temperature is 2700K, 3000K and 4000K in the same projector due to the CCT Switch technology, that allows to change the color temperatures even once the product is installed.

The color rendering index in a space such as a gallery is also a factor to consider. For this reason all the Kom spotlights for the project had a CRI equal to or greater than 94. The objective was to achieve a balance between lighting the space and highlighting the works on display.

LED lighting reduces heat and increases the ability to reproduce color, important elements for the display and preservation of works of art. With the appropriate led light we certainly get a well-lit space and the artworks were the in the spotlight.

Brand: Beneito Faure
Project: Victor Lope Contemporary Art Gallery (Barcelona)
Products used: Kom 30W Switch

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