Beneito Faure lights up the Santa Lucia restaurant in Matera (Italy)

Lighting is one of the most important factors in a restaurant, since it favors comfort and improves the mood of the diners.

Our Picolo GU10 projector allows to obtain a quality
and exceptional design when lighting a space, as it has the best finishes and materials on the market. On this occasion, it has been placed next to a suspended rail, generating a most attractive optical effect.

The Picolo projector It is available both on a rail and on a base and in GU10 or with integrated LED with the finishes in black and matt white. The GU10 chosen to illuminate the spacious Italian restaurant has been a 15º one, allowing the smallest detail to be focused.

Project: Santa Lucia Restaurant, Materna (Italy).
Products used: Picolo GU10 to rail.

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