Jané Clinic is one of the most prestigious clinics in Barcelona and Beneito Faure has been the company in charge of lighting up its new facilities with special design pieces in warm tones (3000K), to create a warm and comfortable environment for its clients, thus breaking with the standards, and in cold light (5000K) inside the Boxes.

The project is divided into 4 areas:

The Reception has been illuminated with the Aro One and our System bulb in 3000K.

As a point of light for the reception, it has been used a flexible profile that besides providing the necessary lighting, decorates and creates a floating and design effect.

On the right side, a profile and a strip LED has been installed in 3000K to enlighten the wall of bricks and give the warm and different touch that was desired.

In the Waiting Room, the Picolo spotlight was used in its Gu10 version with the System bulb in 3000K. In this way, both the waiting room and the corridor of the clinic are illuminated. The projector has been installed on the track and allows directing the light beam where needed. With the purpose of adding a minimalist and elegant touch, two Lek have been installed. In this way a different lighting effect on the wall was created.

The BOX area has been illuminated with a profile and Led strips in cold tones (5000K) to have the right light temperature to carry out their work correctly.

Three 3.5W Pulsar in warm version have been added as a point of light on the top of the equipment to counteract the cold environment and make the client feel more comfortable and relaxed.

In the office area, a rectangular shape with a profile and Led strip has been made to offer the relaxed environment that workers need. Here the light temperature is 3000K.

The article Luky has been used to illuminate and signalize the stairs, along with a profile and Led strip on the wall.

Brand: Beneito Faure

Project: MAG Interiorismo

Products used: Picolo Gu10 a carril, Aro One,Pulsar 3.5W, LEK, System, Strip LED, flexible Strip LED, Luky.

Clínica Jané (Barcelona)

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