How to make your exterior shine with its own light

Terraces, balconies and open spaces are the best partners of the good weather, the summer heat and the dinner parties in good company. Portable lamps are ideal to take advantage of your exterior and make it shine with its own light. They allow you to create different atmospheres, move them from one place to another easily, bringing light and color being a decorative element.

At Beneito Faure we are experts in LED lighting and we have been working with a wide range of products for outdoor lighting for years. The lighting has never been so intelligent. In this article we will talk about different portable options suitable for spot lighting both in the interiors of restaurants and terraces as well as in homes. In addition, they do not have to be connected to the electricity because they have powerful batteries capable of lighting for hours. With the collection of portable battery-powered lamps, the light will not be an excuse not to enjoy your terrace or balcony.

On the one hand we have the Visor model model with 5W of power available with white and rust finishes. Thanks to its handle on the top and its light weight, the product is easily transportable.

The same goes for the Visor Solar model, which apart from supplying energy savings, it can be placed as a decorative element, or a point of light for a chill-out area.

The Converse Lighting model is one of the most representative of our firm. It has a gravity sensor that generates two shades of color (2700K y 5000K), depending on the position of the lamp. It has a lithium battery with up to 180 hours of autonomy and a micro USB recharging of the device in less than 4 hours.

If what we are looking for, is lighting for a side table, we have the Trion option, which casts light at 360º. It has an on-off touch control that can be used also for intensity regulation. With a single click you can change the light temperature from 3000K to 4000K.

Finally, with a contemporary and minimalist design, we present the new Lievo lamp, a portable battery-powered lamp, with an avant-garde design. It Lievo is equipped with a ‘touch control’ type button on the top to turn on, turn off or control the light intensity of the product. Lievo is a decorative element that will give a touch of style whenever placed.

This lighting solutions fit in large terraces and small balconies or interior rooms, considering the environmental factor. Technology and design hand in hand to create cozy spaces, full of light and life.


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