Kitchens’ Lighting

How to light up a kitchen is a recurring question because choosing the right lighting will be paramount since the kitchen is where food is handled, and the lighting must be sufficient and of good quality.

Lighting up the kitchen with LEDs instead of halogen or old-fashioned fluorescent lights will be a fundamental aspect of enjoying visual comfort and lower electricity consumption.

Beneito Faure offers a wide range of lights to place in the kitchen, always considering certain aspects:

Generally, we recommend that the kitchens have a neutral light (4000k – 5000K) since this shade allows to see everything more clearly. On the other hand, a light with a warm temperature (3000k) is perfect for the eating area, since it creates a more homely atmosphere.

Our range of LED kitchen lights have a CRI value (Colour Rendering Index), which indicates their quality, giving a better perception of the colours.

Lighting up the kitchen with downlight is one of the most recurrent options. For this we present our THESSIS model, perfect downlight to be placed in the kitchen with the incorporated switch technology, that allows people to change the temperature of the light with a single click (3000K – 4000K – 5000K).

If you prefer to illuminate the kitchen with design and elegance, you can consider the ATMOS fixture, perfect for all the kitchens thanks to its opening angle.

By placing several of them on top of the worktop you will obtain the necessary lighting for your kitchen with that minimalist and aesthetic touch you are looking for.

Playing with this same approach, you can use the decorative luminaire BORA, that will look great in your kitchen!

Another option is to illuminate the kitchen with a recessed LED spotlight. In this case, we propose the 8W PULSAR model.

Beneito Faure offers a wide range of home lighting, either to illuminate the kitchen, the living room, the rooms, or any other home area.

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