Beneito Faure has would like to share its knowledge in LED lighting and it has been working for years in this field with a wide range of products for outdoor lighting.

In this article, we expose the essential aspects to value the moment of choosing a good illumination for outdoor areas following the recommendations of our technical and commercial department.

First of all, we need to take into account where we desire to install the product. In this case, being outdoor there are several factors to be considered.

On one hand, there is the environmental factor. If a luminaire is to be installed outdoor, it must have a protection rating IP54 or higher, so that it can resist to water or direct rain. A poorly insulated luminaire may stop working or doing it incorrectly due to excessive humidity.

IP54: Waterproof / dustproof.

IP65: Protected against water jets.

IP67: Dustproof/immersion-proof for 30 minutes.

Consequently, it has to be considered the type of material of which the product is made of.

It should be noted that some materials are more suitable than others. For example, INOX304 offers a high level of corrosive protection. There are also other types of protection, such as the Azko Novel paint for protection in saline environments or the fact that the product integrates stainless screws.

Another determining factor when choosing the type of outdoor lighting is to take into account where it will be installed (on a terrace wall, on the garden floor, recessed in a false ceiling, in a street lamp ...). There are specific products for each case.

We cannot forget the importance of the installation process. This installation must be carried out properly to avoid future problems with the operation of each product.

It should be noted that there is the possibility of installing solar-powered luminaires. This will avoid making electrical installations and will provide us with important energy savings.

Check out our new range of solar LED lighting products, specific for garden, LED wall lights with and without sensor, signalling products and portable products.

Beneito Faure has its own project department, which can advise you at any time in order to choose the optimal products for the installation. We will be glad to help you.

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