Beneito Faure presents new range of UV-C products

Beneito Faure is always in constant innovation, and as a result of recent events, it has decided to add two new UV products to its extensive catalog to contribute to the fight against coronavirus and other viruses in general in order to facilitate and improve the safety and protection of everybody.

Many users have questioned the effectiveness of this mode of sterilization, but the truth is that there are already several Official Departments that have stated that it is not only a good technology to use in these cases, but that it could be one of the best positions that it does it in an innocuous way. Who itself has confirmed that products that use UV technology are effective in disinfecting and sterilizing surfaces and objects as they guarantee a safer environment in an innocuous way.

The Spanish Ministry of Health issued a statement on July 3 stating that “the available evidence suggests that these devices would reduce the viral population of coronaviruses in an easy and fast way (…)”. In this way, they suggested that the application of UV light on surfaces and objects is an effective form of disinfection. The lack of knowledge about UV technology makes many people question its efficacy and safety. Therefore, at Beneito Faure we want to explain what UV-C radiation is and how it affects microorganisms. UV radiation is emitted by the Sun and can be absorbed by DNA from the cell nucleus of the microorganisms themselves (bacteria and viruses). In this way, it modifies the genetic content of pathogens, making cells unable to replicate, thus avoiding contagion or infection to other living beings.

Therefore, and according to numerous studies, it is an efficient technology for the disinfection of objects and surfaces. From Beneito Faure we want to remember that it should not be used directly on human or animal tissues, or on the eyes or mucous membranes, since it can be harmful.

Beneito Faure’s UV range includes FENIX and TOP products that have a European certification and offer a guaranteed 99.97% efficiency. The FENIX product is a UV-C LED sterilizing wand indicated for use on small surfaces. The TOP product is an ideal sterilizing wand for larger surfaces indicated for professional use.

The use of UV-C light to disinfect surfaces that contain microorganisms and viruses from the coronavirus family itself, can prevent the spread of these. The correct intensity of radiation reduces up to 99.97% of the pathogens on the surface that is exposed to radiation. An organism exposed to UV-C radiation for the necessary time and intensity does not survive the radiation and therefore the pathogen would be completely inactive.

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