Beneito Faure has an extensive range of outdoor wall or floor markers that can be distributed in two families.

On the one hand, we find the family of markers formed by the LUCKY and the POLO.

Both are built in aluminum and have a degree of protection IP54, allowing them to be placed outside. These are projectors that project the light on the floor or wall, generating a very attractive visual effect.

These two projectors have 2W and 90 lumens. They are available in both black and white and have AKZO NOVEL anticorrosive paint protection.

We also find the family of projectors formed by the products INA, OPTIC, DIS and NIX, built in INOX 304 and with a degree of protection IP67. Each of them offers different light effects that help create the desired environment.

They have 2W and 60 lumens and hold a weight of 1,000kg, with the exception of OPTIC, which supports 2000kg. The driver is integrated into the product.

These mini outdoor projectors are ideal for designing and decorating stairs, a corridor, a fence, or a pool.

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